“Accessible firearms”

In the wake of the murders committed by Elliott Rodgers in Isla Vista, CA a familiar chorus rose in the media and social media: Firearms are “easily accessible”. While the obstacles to firearm ownership vary by state, “easy access” is not a hallmark of California’s gun regulations. The following outlines the process to firearm acquisition in the Golden State: Continue reading

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Open carry demonstrations

Recent months have seen open carry demonstration in a number of states.
This involves the carrying of loaded firearms by citizens in public in a manner such that the firearm is in plain sight. While this practice has caused some groups to voice their opposition, often in dramatic if not hyperbolic fashion, this form of carry does not constitute brandishing nor is it intended to be threatening, intimidating or menacing.

Open carrying of handguns is done in holsters. A person legally open carrying a handgun does so in the same way as a person with a cell phone or PDA carries that item on their belt. A person legally open carrying a rifle does so in the same way a person might carry a purse or courier bag – with the use of a sling, either over the shoulder or with the sling around the neck and one arm through the sling. Continue reading

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The Second Amendment and relevant court rulings

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”.

The Second Amendment, in all its brevity, has likely spurred the most debate and disagreement of all amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Continue reading

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